Here's a few words from satisfied clients of Exclusive Metal Roofing about their experiences...

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Deborah Grace
Head Florist, Amazing Grace Flower Shop
Speedy Skylight Installation

I've been wanting to have a skylight installed ever since I bought my house a couple of years ago. Under a friends recommendation, I contacted Exclusive Metal Roofing for a quote on skylight installation and I was surprised with their selection of designs and the price that was much cheaper that what I had anticipated. They even explained to me the different types of skylights and sent an inspector to find the best location for it to be installed when I agreed with their price.

It only took them a couple of days to install the new skylight window on my roof and now my house doesn't look as gloomy as it was before. I'm really grateful for their speedy service and affordable pricing. Thank you Exclusive Metal Roofing!

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Justin Gunther
Writer, Red Slash Media
They fixed my roof problems!

I had leaks on my roof for months! I tried fixing it on my own but nothing I do seems to work so I bit the bullet and looked for professionals to help me with this problem. I found Exclusive Metal Roofing through a quick Google search and they scheduled the service a day after I gave them a call.

I though it will take a while to repair because their initial inspection showed that my roof had much more problems than what I had expected, but the guys at Exclusive Metal Roofing managed to finish it in just a couple of days. I'm very satisfied with their work and will definitely get their services again when needed.

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Diana Giza
Co-owner, Giza Real Estates
They made my walls strong and pretty

We live near a woodland area and after years and years of suffering from critters damaging my walls, my husband and I decided to invest in metal cladding. We really didn't have much in terms of budget so finding the right company to help us with this project is key. Thankfully, a friend of ours recommended the guys at Exclusive Metal Roofing.

They gave us a very reasonable quote and explained what kind of materials they are gonna use, it's cost and how sturdy it is. Within two weeks, the walls of my home are sporting a brand new metal cladding. I was initially worried that it would look ugly considering "Metal Walls" doesn't really sound appealing but the Exclusive Metal Roofing guys used colored materials that really blends well with the surroundings of our house. I'm really thankful to them and would recommend their services to anyone wishing to fortify their home.

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Derrick Jin
CEO, Jin Electronics
Great Service & Reliable workers

The recent storm had heavily damaged my roof and instead of having it repaired, I took the chance to have metal roofing installed instead. I contacted the people at Exclusive Metal Roofing after finding their website and I was not disappointed.

They have scheduled the service the day after I made the call and finished the project much faster than I had anticipated. At first I was worried that they just haphazardly installed everything but further inspection proves otherwise.

I highly recommend their service to anyone who needs to have a new metal roof installed!