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Exclusive Metal Roofing offers generous roofing install rates for qualified roofing contractors, a consistent schedule of work with the opportunity for your business to grow.

We have been servicing the residential/commercial roofing industry for a decade. During this time, we’ve developed sustainable systems that deliver a safe work environment for our Contractors.

"Contracting for EMR has been great, they pay generous rates, every week and on time. I have assurity when employing worker’s and growing my business because of EMR’s consistent schedule of work. EMR prepare a safe work site and ensure all the roofing materials are ready for us to start work. We arrive to site, and we know it’s ready to go. They send me jobs for the week and if something goes wrong, we can call the office and they’ll be straight onto it.?
Ryan - Roofing Contractor

Contracting for EMR

We expect high standards of workmanship from all our contractors. The rates we pay are above our competitors, which is why the quality of work will never be compromised.

Get Paid Weekly

Get paid top rates weekly, on time, consistently.

Site Safety

Safety is one of our highest priorities. You know it’s safe so you can get in, get the job done and get home.


With over 10 million properties in Australia, all with a roof that needs to be serviced, EMR has no shortage of work, along with the best network of clients that need their roof replaced.