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Your metal roof does more than just protect your home from the elements. The value of your home can be significantly increased with the installation of a new metal roof, adding charm and character, with a wonderful street appeal. Metal roofs provide durability and longevity, and should always be installed by professional, efficient roofers.

Installing a new metal roof or replacing an existing one can be a significant investment. That’s why it’s important to get it right the first time. To ensure that your metal roof is fitted perfectly and lasts as long as it is supposed to, you should only let skilled and experienced roofers like Exclusive Metal Roofing handle the project. We guarantee excellent results for all of your metal roof installation, roof repairs, and re-roofing installations. Our Colorbond metal roofing solutions are top-notch and accessible to every budget.

We Deliver These Services With Excellence In The Upper North Shore Area

We are a reputable metal roofing company specialising in the delivery of quality metal roofing installation, as well as all roofing repairs. If you are in the Upper North Shore area of Sydney and need quality metal roofing services or repairs, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our team are responsive, reliable and trustworthy.

Roof Installation Upper North Shore

Don’t assign your metal roof installation task to just anyone. Treat yourself to the complete peace of mind we offer. We confidently handle all metal roofing projects. Exclusive metal Roofing bring our unique blend of skill, experience, and dedication to your doorstep and deliver a perfect job, every time.

Roof Repairs Upper North Shore

Have you been noticing a drop in the performance of your roof recently? A few roof repairs may be in order. Let us help you put your roof back in tip-top shape. We’ll fix those annoying issues with your roof efficiently and thoroughly. We won’t disrupt your schedule. Exclusive Metal Roofing take all your roofing worries away, leaving behind a perfectly functioning roof.

Guttering And Downpipe Installation And Repairs Upper North Shore

We’ll take care of all your guttering and downpipes requirements too! Exclusive Metal Roofing replace old gutters, old fascia and downpipes with precision and perfection. Consider having our team install leaf guard to your guttering system to ensure your gutters stay clear from leaves and allow for correct drainage. Its an amazing transformation to see what new gutters can do for your home.

Roof replacement Upper North Shore

If your roof is beyond repair, then it’s time to replace it. Our roof replacment services cover all kind of roofs. We regularly remove old tile roofs and replace them with new colorbond metal roofs. The results are simply amazing!

Dependable North Shore Roofing Contractors

No matter what type of metal roofing services you need, you can count on Exclusive Metal Roofing to get the job done perfectly and in a timely manner. We’ve established a solid reputation around the Upper North Shore of Sydney for always delivering on our promises. We treat every call as important and try as much as possible to exceed your expectations. If you need a new metal roof, or your Colorbond roof needs repairs, we’re the guys to call. Exclusive Metal Roofing have been servicing the entire Upper North Shore area with their metal roofing solutions for years.

Quality Roofing Services In Sydney’s North Shore

If your roof is leaking and needs repairs, give us a call. Maybe your roof is suffering from wear and tear, we can replace it for you. Contact us today and we’ll be with you as soon as possible, delivering a perfect job for your roof.

Why Should You Choose Exclusive Metal Roofing?

When it comes to roofing your home, or carrying out repairs on your roof, you want to be sure you hire the right company. Here are some reasons why we are a good fit for you:

We are Professionals

We are an experienced metal roofing company with many years of roofing experience under our belts. We are reputable for providing excellent metal roofing solutions throughout Sydney. Our team consists of highly skilled professionals who are well-known in the metal roofing trade. Get your metal roof to reflect the standards we offer, like hundreds of other satisfied customers throughout Sydney.

Customer Service

Our customer service is second to none. We respond to calls and messages promptly. Our communication, along with our work, is always exceptional. We have a healthy reputation to match our years of experience. Exclusive Metal Roofing are accomplished in the art of metal roofing and absolutely guarantee superb results.

Good Return for your Money

If you choose us to carry out repairs on your metal roof, you can be assured of receiving a thorough job. We use only the best materials and we fix each roof to the highest industry standard to rule out any complications. Our prices are the most competitive throughout the Sydney roofing industry.

Prompt Response

Our customers throughout Sydney’s North Shore are accustomed to the rapidness of our response. As soon as you get in touch with us, we don’t mess around. We’ll make a beeline for your house and get to work as quickly as possible. Being residents of Sydney, we know the area like the back of our hands.

Guaranteed Satisfaction

Some roofing contractors leave a sour taste in communities mouths, and a battered roof in their wake. That’s not us. We boast a team of well-trained and highly skilled professionals. Our years of roofing experience has equipped us for every roofing task under the sun. Quite simply, we’re yet to see a roofing installation or roof repairs project that’s too complex for us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a Metal Roof a Better Option then Tiles?

Absolutely yes. Metal roofs are far more durable than old, tiled roofs. A metal roof lasts for a long time and is not subject to breaking or cracked tiles. Tiled roofs typically require more constant repairs then metal roofs.

Does a Metal Roof Take a Long Time to Install?

Not usually. The square metreage of your roof space will determine how long the job will take. Usually a straight forward metal roof can be installed in a few days.

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Exclusive Metal Roofing are proud providers of everything to do with metal roofs. Sydney is our home, and we service all areas. If you are situated in the Upper North Shore of Sydney, we are one of the best choices you can make. We’ll make your metal roof absolutely sparkle! Sydney metal roofing are experts when it comes to metal roofing needs. No matter the uniqueness of your metal roofing project, or how badly you need roof repairs done, we deliver maximum service and satisfaction. We always have. Don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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