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Have you ever stayed awake on a severely stormy night, terrified that your roof might give way under the savage assault of pounding rain and smashing hail? If you have a tiled roof in the Turramurra area, our guess is that you probably have.

This is one reason why it is imperative that you have a quality Colorbond roof for your home in Turramurra, Sydney. A strong Colorbond roof will keep you protected from the outside elements, whilst also adding style and amazing street appeal to your home. Many homes in the Sydney suburb of Turramurra are older with tiled roofs, often requiring regular repairs.

If you’ve had your fingers burned in the past by substandard roofs, considering a metal roof replacement is well worth your while. Exclusive Metal Roofing specialise in all aspects of metal roofing. Our roofing services are provided throughout the leafy streets of the beautiful Turramurra area, as well as throughout the Sydney basin.

Metal roofs have grown in popularity over the years. They really have replaced the older tiled roofs that once were the way to go. Transforming your old tiled roof over to metal is a worthwhile consideration. A metal roof is reliable, durable, pleasant on the eye as well as budget-friendly. Most importantly, a metal roof can tough out severe weather conditions unlike their counter-part tile roofs.

Why Choose A Metal Roof?

Colorbond metal roofs are strong and versatile, offering a wide range and great variety of colour choices. Metal roofs provide a charming street appeal to homes throughout Turramurra. Colorbond is, and always has been, a very favoured brand of metal roof, providing a strong assurance in the product with a fabulous range to suit most roofs and budgets.

Exclusive Metal Roofing – Turramurra’s Roofing Specialist

Roofing Turramurra

Exclusive Metal Roofing are a highly experienced metal roofing company. Our roofing services and roof repairs are offered Sydney wide, including North Shore’s leafy Turramurra suburb. Using only the highest quality products in all of our work, we take great pride in helping residents of Turramurra with a wide range of roofing services. Whether its roof restoration, or roof repairs, our specialised team will work with you to create a solution and complete the job to the highest of standards. Exclusive Metal Roofing are the Turramurra metal roofing specialists. For any roofing Turramurra needs, don’t hesitate to contact Exclusive Metal Roofing today.

Roof Installation

A lot of planning goes into the preparation of a metal roof installation. At Exclusive Metal Roofing, we leave no stone unturned in the process of planning, then installing your new metal roof. The aesthetic beauty of your home will be taken into consideration. We work with our Turramurra home owners, assisting them with roofing colour choices that will enhance their home. Exclusive Metal Roofing’s immense experience in the roofing trade gives us a real cutting edge. The use of only top quality roofing materials, such as Colorbond, results in a quality home for you.

Emergency Roof Repairs in Turramurra

A roofing emergency requiring repairs can happen unexpectedly at any time, for various reasons. One of the most common reasons for a roofing emergency requiring repairs is extreme weather conditions. This is common throughout Sydney’s suburbs. Damage to a roof has the potential to cause continuous damage to a home, thus emergency roofing repairs should be handled with care and speed. For emergency roofing repairs in Turramurra, Exclusive Metal Roofing are available and have the expertise required to save the day.

Roof Replacement

Roof replacement is another one of the professional roofing services offered by Exclusive Metal Roofing. The replacement of a homeowner’s roof throughout Turramurra is more common than you may think. Using materials of only the highest quality, Exclusive Metal Roofing offer great value for money for our roof replacement services. We are the metal roofing Turramurra specialists.

Removal of Old Tile Roofs

Metal re-roofs are a very favoured installation these days. Home Owners with older roofs full of cracked tiles often choose to re-roof with a Colorbond metal roof. Exclusive Metal Roofing specialises in all aspects of roofing. Our experienced team remove old tile roofs with confidence, replacing them with a sparkling new Colorbond metal roof. Your old tile roof as well as all roofing rubbish will be removed from your property by our team. Roof restoration can take place in many different ways – this is one way to restore your roof back to new.

Many times over we have watched the home owners delight as they see their new roof taking shape. Going from a tiled roof to a Colorbond metal roof brings a total transformation to your home. Exclusive Metal Roofing are experts in our trade to help you choose a quality metal roof that can stand the harsh sun and heavy rain. Exclusive Metal Roofing possess the experienced team required to carry out roof replacement. We will remove your tired old tile roof and install a quality, new Colorbond metal roof that will not only serve its purpose, but look absolutely fantastic!

Residential Metal Roofing in Turramurra

Exclusive Metal Roofing work on residential homes throughout Sydney every day. Turramurra is just one of Sydney’s lovely leafy suburbs that we bring our wealth of knowledge and roofing expertise. Exclusive Metal Roofing abide by all of the strict health, building and safety protocols in place whilst working on your roof. We guarantee that your home will be left in a better state than we found it. The main goal of metal roofers Upper North Shore is to ensure that the customers are completely satisfied with every project we take on.

Commercial Metal Roofing

Exclusive Metal Roofing services also extend to commercial buildings. Roof restoration as well as roof repairs are just a few of the roofing services that we offer to commercial buildings. Commercial building work is not new to us. Exclusive Metal Roofing have contracted out too many commercial building sites and completed many large scale commercial roofing projects. For any commercial roofing Turramurra enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us today.

Exclusive Metal Roofing have the roofing experience to undertake Turramurra metal roofing commercial projects professionally and efficiently.

Colorbond Roofing

Colorbond roofing is a favoured and strong choice in the roofing industry. Colorbond offers durability as well as aesthetic beauty. Exclusive Metal Roofing has extensive experience working with colorbond roofing. Driving through the leafy streets of Turramurra, you will notice many a Colorbond roof and the many colour choices available.

Time For A New Gutter and Fascia?

Exclusive Metal Roofing, also perform the replacement of old gutters, old fascia and downpipes. The installation of gutter guard is another one of our professional services offered. As Turramurra is quite a leafy area, gutter guard is a wise consideration to ensure your gutters stay clear from leaves and to allow for correct drainage.

Exclusive Metal Roofing – Who Are We?

Exclusive Metal Roofing have been around for quite sometime. Over the years, we have built up a wealth of roofing experience and very detailed knowledge of the metal roofing industry and its related products.

Exclusive Metal Roofing are a strong, young team of dedicated, experienced roofers, providing high quality metal roofing services to builders, as well as Mums and Dads in suburbs all around Sydney, including Turramurra.

Why Choose Exclusive Metal Roofing?

Fast Delivery

Exclusive Metal Roofing ensure that we deliver quickly on each metal roof project we undertake. We turn up when we say we will turn up. We regard our clients and their roof with the utmost priority. No one likes a job dragging on and on. Our team will never compromise, nor reduce the quality of our work.

Quality and Efficient Work

The quality of our metal roof work is instantly visible as we only use quality materials. Coupled with our eye for detail, the results of our projects are always outstanding. Exclusive Metal Roofing never fail to deliver quality metal roof work and repairs throughout Turramurra.


Our metal roofing services are extremely competitive and affordable. Exclusive Metal Roofing always provide a written quote detailing the job so you can actually see what the job involves. This is all part of our free, no obligation quoting service. In fact, in comparison to the quality of services we offer, Exclusive Metal Roofing services are one of the most affordable metal roofing in Sydney.

Free Roof Replacement Quotes Throughout Turramurra.

We offer free, no-obligation quotes throughout Turramurra and the Sydney basin.

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Whether it is a roof restoration, roof repairs, or any roofing issue – please don’t hesitate to contact Exclusive Metal Roofing. We are the one stop shop for roofing Turramurra. Your roof couldn’t be in better hands than with Exclusive Metal Roofing. Well known around Sydney for our metal roof services and repairs, Exclusive Metal Roofing are here for you.

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