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Here we will be discussing the issues with an old roof and why it is common practice to update your old roof with a more superior material being Colorbond Steel.

Common roof tiles are made from terracotta, Cement or Slate. The roof tile system consists of battens, Sarking (some time without sarking), guttering system, bedding/pointing and many roof tiles all the same length and width. To achieve a watertight system the Roof plumber must lay the roof tiles from the gutter line, the next above row of tiles must then overlap the lower row of tiles and is to repeat this pattern until the roof plumber reaches the top ridge line. The ridge tiles must then be laid, the bedding/pointing must then be applied so the ridge tiles adhere to the roof tiles.

Now you understand the basic function of a tile roof lets discuss the most common issues subject to a tile roof. Roof tiles have poor structural strength, Common roof tiles will break when walked on incorrectly and are prone to breaking in standard Australian storms resulting in immediate leaks throughout your home. Another standard issue relating tile roofs is the bedding/pointing falling apart, this happens for many reasons being poor workman ship whilst creating the bedding and pointing or harsh Australian weather deuterating the bedding and pointing over time which allows water to ingress into the roof cavity. Overall, a tile roof system will work, however it provides less protection than a steel roof.

You may currently own a property with a tile roof and understand the extensive maintenance that comes along with owning one. You might have considered replacing the tile roof but are unsure of what’s involved when replacing it, today we will walk you through that process and the benefits that come along with updating your old roof with a new Colorbond Metal Roof.

Colorbond roof sheets have been manufactured in Australia for over 50 Years and come in wide range of Profiles, colours, lengths, and thicknesses.

The base metal of a Colorbond roof sheet is steel, with an Aluminium, Zinc and Magnesium alloy-coating along with a Conversion Coating, then a Universal Corrosion Inhibitive Primer followed by a Finish Coat and Primer. Colorbond roof sheets are defiantly more than just a bit of paint on steel, there engineered to stand the test of time in Australia’s harshest climates.

Now we understand the components relating Colorbond steel, we will discuss the advantages that come along with a Colorbond Metal Roof. We discussed earlier how easily Roof tiles break during a standard Australian storm and the probability of experiencing meditate leaks, fortunately with a Colorbond Metal Roof, hail, large branches or other debris cannot easily penetrate the Steel roof sheets during a bad storm resulting in the metal roof remining water tight.

A common discussion EMR has with their previous clients is how much they’ve enjoyed the durability of the new Metal Roof compared to their previous leaky tile roof. We encourage anyone who is seeking to update their old roof to send us an enquiry. EMR will promptly respond to your query and arrange an obligation free inspection/quote. EMR is a highly completive Sydney Roofing Business that prides themselves with High quality workman ship along with using the best available products for your new roof.

After our obligation free consultation/site visit EMR will then provide you a competitive quote, Once the quote has been accepted, a date is agreed and set for the work to commence. The process of this work from start to finish consists of the following but is not limited to,

  • All the roofing material will be delivered to the property.
  • EMR delivers a Tipping Truck to the property, for all the old tiles to be placed in for recycling.
  • Qualified Metal Roof Plumbers remove the existing roof
  • The old roof tiles are taken to a recycling centre to be repurposed.
  • The Qualified Metal Roof Plumbers then install,
  1. Battens
  2. Anticondensation blanket
  3. Colorbond Metal Roof sheets (in your preference of profile, thickness, and colour)
  4. They then install all associated flashings.
  5. All the associated fixing

Once the old roof has been converted to the new Colorbond Metal Roof you can grab a seat on your deck, watch the rain clouds roll in, and enjoy the sound, durability and confidence having your new watertight Colorbond Metal Roof. Its easy to understand why so many Australians have decided to update their old roof with a Colorbond Metal Roof.

Send us an enquiry today, We look forward to providing our professional service to you.

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Old dated tile roof just before being replaced with classy colorbond roof
New colorbond roof replacement from old tired looking tile roof
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