Metal Roofers Belconnen

Are you looking to install a new metal roof or replace an existing one in the Canberra ACT area? Exclusive Metal Roofing offer high-quality, new metal roofs, roof restoration and repairs, as well as replacements throughout Belconnen. Whether you need a roof replacement, or just some minor roof repairs to your house, Exclusive Metal Roofing has the Belconnen area covered.

Introducing Exclusive Metal Roofing, to Belconnen ACT

Exclusive Metal Roofing has been proudly servicing Canberra and the ACT for many years. Our roofers have been in the roof restoration business for many years now. We have built quite a name for ourselves from our vast installation experience. Our team is highly trained with all the up to date roof know-how and expertise to provide the residents of Belconnen ACT with a highly professional service. Only the highest quality materials are used on every job in Belconnen. Cleaning up after ourselves means that you would never know we had been there – other then looking at the result of our installation of your roof.

1-on-1 Service Assured

Exclusive Metal Roofing Belconnen provides 1-on-1 service in the ACT. Our team ensure there’s absolutely no need for any type of confusion or mess up regarding your job. We understand how important it is for you to feel confident in our roof work, we take great care not to disappoint you at all. Our experienced team is committed to providing our ACT Belconnen customers with only the best quality roof materials and service. One of our business aims is that each individual Belconnen customer is totally satisfied with the job we do, no matter what size the project is.

Affordable Rates

Exclusive Metal Roofing offer roof services at budget-friendly rates, helping to enable more people throughout Canberra ACT to have access to roof services without breaking their bank. Exclusive Metal Roofing handle many roof projects throughout Belconnen, whether big or small, with good, clear communication and carry out our workmanship exactly as discussed with the home owner. We ensure this by providing a free quote, excellent service and nothing less than perfect workmanship every time!

Free Quotes and Competitive Pricing

Exclusive Metal Roofing Belconnen provide free, no-obligation quotes throughout Canberra ACT before any work begins on the house. Our competitive pricing throughout the ACT is something that you don’t want to miss out on! So make sure you call now if you’re interested in receiving a quote today.

We Clean Up After Job is Complete

Cleaning up after ourselves is part of our service to you. Regardless of the size of your job, no mess will be left upon completion.

Exclusive Metal Roofing Specialize In Metal And Colorbond Roofing In Belconnen

Over the years, Exclusive Metal Roofing has established itself as one of Canberra’s most trusted roofing contractors, offering services that cover all aspects of roofing. We are very proud of the team that we have assembled, and what we deliver with every project. Our services cover all aspects of metal roofing including roofing repairs, roof restoration and replacements, as well as new construction work. We also offer colorbond roofing repair and replacement services in Belconnen.

Metal Roofing Contractors Belconnen

No matter what type of roofing service you need, Exclusive Metal Roofing are here to help residents throughout the Belconnen area. We are a premier, one-stop metal roofing provider to business and residents alike throughout the ACT Canberra region.

1. Preventative Maintenance

Exclusive Metal Roofiong provide preventative maintenance services so that you can be sure that your metal roof is well-maintained and will last for a long time. We can repair your roof no matter how bad the damage is. All of our roof repair work comes with a guarantee. Your house is in safe hands with us.

2. Metal/Colorbond Roofing Replacement

When it comes to roof replacement throughout Canberra in the ACT, Exclusive Metal Roofing are definitely the best metal roofing replacement company out there. Our metal roofing replacement services are second to none in the Belconnen suburb. Exclusive Metal Roofing can do everything from minor repairs such as gutter replacement, to a full replacement of your old tiled roof over to a brand new spanking metal roof.

*Storm Damage Replacement:  Exclusive Metal Roofing are very experienced with any kind of storm damage that requires replacement of your tiled or metal roof in Belconnen. We also do minor roof repair on storm damaged metal roofs. Exclusive Metal Roofing have worked on many a hail damaged roof throughout Canberra over the recent years.

*New Roof Construction: We are highly experienced in providing any type of new roof construction. Exclusive Metal Roofing have been hired by many building contractors to conduct work on new roofs in suburbs throughout Canberra, ACT such as Belconnen.

3. Roof Replacement in Belconnen

Exclsuive Metal Roofing do roof replacements at affordable rates throughout the ACT. All you need do is compare quotes to see our price is good. Our experts have plenty of roofing experience throughout Canberra with all the right tools to replace your old roof with a new one. Our metal roofers in Belconnen do roof replacements and roof repairs for any type of metal roof. Don’t hesitate to call us today for a free no obligation quote!

*Metal Roof Replacement: Exclusive Metal Roofing provide exceptional metal roof replacement services to homes and business of all sizes throughtout the ACT. We also provide temporary metal roofing services on top of permanent metal roofing installation.

4. New Gutter and Fascia Installation in Canberra:

Exclusive Metal Roofing pride ourselves with top quality gutter repairs, as well as new gutter installations. Our gutter work provided throughout Canberra is second to none. When new gutters are needed anywhere in the ACT, Exclusive Metal Roofing are the team to call.  At Exclusive Metal Roofing, we replace old gutters, old fascia and downpipes. Its amazing what a difference this makes on the outward appearance of a house. Consider having leaf guard installed to your guttering system, as this ensures your gutters stay clear from leaves and allow for correct drainage.

Our Services Offered Throughout Belconnen

By choosing our services, you’ll be able to rest assured that your roof will be taken well care of and will last for a long period of time. Exclsuive Metal Roofing are committed to providing the residents and business of Belconnen with only the best services such as:

Roof Repairs:

Exclusive Metal Roofing offer top quality roof repair services for Belconnen residents and the surrounding areas of Canberra, ACT.

New Construction:

Exclusive Metal Roofing offer new roof construction services for Belconnen residents and the surrounding areas of Canberra, ACT. Many building contractors use our high quality roof services for the installation of new roofs on building projects. Call us for a price today!

Storm Damage Repair:

If your roof has been damaged due to hail storms or severe bad weather throughout the ACT, Exclusive Metal Roofing can provide quick assistance offering professional roof repair services. No job is too large or small for Exclusive Metal Roofing. Call metal roofers in Canberra for a quote today.

Insurance Claim Assistance: 

Building and insurance work has kept the team at Exclusive Metal Roofing extremely busy over the last few years throughout the Canberra, ACT region. Its not always easy working through an insurance claim but we are here to help make this daunting process easier. Don’t hesitate to contact us today if you have a pending insurance claim in the Canberra, ACT area for a free measure and quote.

Free Quotes And Competitive Pricing:

We offer free, no obligation quotes throughout Canberra and the ACT. Exclusive Metal Roofing bring to the table competitive pricing for all of our roofing services. Today is your day to call.

What Does It Take To Be A Great Roof Repairer?

Exclusive Metal Roofing have built our name on the foundation of solid, high quality roofing work, as well as using only the highest quality roofing materials. Our team continuously strives to remain a leader in the building industry by continually delivering only the best quality roofing service.

We know that the residents of Belconnen are looking for quality workmanship when it comes to roof work. That’s why Exclusive Metal Roofing make sure to provide excellent customer service as well as top quality workmanship on every project that we work on throughout the ACT and Canberra. We are never satisfied unless our customers throughout the ACT are completely satisfied with the job that we have done.

Advantages Of Metal Roofing in the ACT

The advantages of metal roofing throughout the ACT and Canberra include:

  • Metal roofing is very durable and can last for up to 50 years.
  • Metal roofing comes in a great range of colors that will match, and compliment any home or business facade.
  • It helps reduce energy rates: Metal roofing is an excellent insulator and can help reduce energy costs.
  • Metal Roofing is quick and easy to install.
  • It looks great – metal roofs look fantastic on houses.
  • Metal roofs deflect rainwater because of its aerodynamic design.
  • Metal roofing blocks all the ultraviolet rays from coming into your home or business building.
  • Metal roofing is resistant to fire and weather-related damages such as hail.
  • Metal roofing is highly composed – the look of the roof will not deteriorate with time.
  • Metal roofing is relatively easy to clean because it does not easily absorb stains or dirt. Regular cleaning will help the metal roof to maintain its shine and color for a long time.
  • Its insulation value will keep your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer: Metal roofing will keep the heat and cold away from your home so that your home will be warm in the winter and cooler in the summer.

Benefits Of Colorbond Roofing Throughout Canberra

Colorbond is the most commonly used roofing system today throughout Canberra and the ACT, as it provides many benefits, such as high performance.

It is economical:

Colorbond roofs can last 25-30 years with the proper maintenance in the ACT region. Colorbond roofs can also resist insects, fungal growth, and fire. It is highly resistant to extreme temperatures and severe weather conditions as well as being environmentally safe. It is not affected by the sun’s ultraviolet rays and does not fade from exposure to the sun.

It is low maintenance:

Colorbond is easy to clean, and rarely needs painting. It has a high-sheen finish which means that it will not absorb stains and dirt. Colorbond is a very popular roofing choice throughout the ACT.

It is also one of the most versatile:

There are a variety of roofing systems available on the market today. Colorbond roofing is a very versatile one. Whether you require roof repairs, roof restoration, or a brand new roof, Colorbond delivers the goods every time.

It is fire-resistant:

Colorbond roofing is fire resistant, offering you all the fireproof benefits. Colorbond does not support combustion.

It offers you the opportunity to reduce the amount of energy cost:

Colorbond roofing has a high insulation value and offers you the opportunity to reduce energy costs. It also helps you save money on your utility bills.

Increases property values throughout the ACT:

Colorbond roofing provides great street appeal, which in turn can increase your property value. When renovating your home, the cost of replacing your roof can be one of the biggest expenses that you will incur. Changing over from an old tile roof to a new Colorbond roof can bring your Belconnen home into the 20th Century, totally changing the outside look of your home and providing amazing street appeal. The results are worth every penny spent.

It is also very durable:

Colorbond is highly resistant to many external conditions and can last for decades. Colorbond is a very durable material that will not rot, fade or be eaten away by termites. Colorbond is a great roofing choice for the often extreme external weather conditions faced by business and residents throughout the Canberra, ACT region.

Quality Services From A Trusted Company

To keep up with our reputation, Exclusive Metal Roofing continually practice and implement excellent customer service policies, ensuring that every customer’s roofing needs throughout the ACT are met. We want you to tell your friends about your experience with Exclusive Metal Roofing Canberra, which is why we are committed to providing you with the highest quality exceptional service. Cleaning up after ourselves is part of our job that we take very seriously.

Why Choose Us?

When it comes to roofing systems, Exclusive Metal Roofing Canberra understands the importance of delivering only the best roofing service for your house or business. We’ve been chosen as one of Canberra’s most trusted roofing contractors by a lot of people, because of the quality workmanship and outstanding service we offer. Our experience in this industry is second to none. Materials used are only of the highest standard. If you’re interested in seeing what we can do for your home, regardless of where you are situated in the ACT, then please don’t hesitate to contact Exclsuive Metal Roofing today. We will be more than glad to answer all your questions and provide you with a free, no obligation quote.

Metal Roofing Contractors Near You

If you need metal or colorbond roofing services throughout the ACT, please get in touch with us at Exclusive Metal Roofing. Our team will stop by to measure and quote. Roof restoration, gutter repairs, gutter replacement – no job is too small, or big, for us. We make sure that roofing problems throughout Canberra are solved as soon as possible. Give us a call now!


Your home is the most important investment that you’ll ever make. So don’t take chances with your metal roof and gutters condition. Whether repair or replacement is needed, call us now at Exclusive Metal Roofing, Canberra. We promise to provide you with the best service ever!

The fact is that Exclusive Metal Roofing are a leading company throughout Canberra in the metal roofing industry. Our team consists of highly trained and experienced colorbond roofers. We can help you out no matter how badly your roofs or gutters are damaged. Just a few minutes of your time will be enough for us to assess what needs to be done, provide a quote, and discuss our findings with you so that we can come up with the best solutions for your situation. For any roofing needs throughout Canberra and the ACT, contact us now! We know the ACT region well.

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We service all suburbs within the area of Belconnen.

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