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Welcome to Exclusive Metal Roofing, your friendly neighbourhood metal roofers right here in Somersby, Central Coast, New South Wales. We’re all about mixing our top-notch workmanship with quality materials for every project we get involved in.

Need a brand-new install or perhaps it’s time for a roof replacement? Our talented team is champing at the bit to deliver brilliant results. Let us help you deck out your home with robust and beaut-looking metal roofing solutions that’ll stand the test of time.

Our Services

At Exclusive Metal Roofing, we offer a range of services including metal roof installation, new metal roof installations, roof replacements, tile to metal roof replacements, gutters and downpipes installation, as well as roof inspections and assessments. Not satisfied with your roof? In metal roofers Somersby, we specialise in metal roofing using quality materials and craftsmanship.

Metal roof installation

A good roofing contractor can sometimes be hard to find as we don’t often experience a problem with our roofs. Installing a metal roof requires numerous vital steps to guarantee its longevity and function. First, we prepare the site by removing old materials and ensuring your home is ready for its new roof.

A protective underlayment is then installed as an added barrier against moisture before the metal panels are laid out. It’s crucial that each panel aligns correctly with the others for optimal weather resistance and visual appeal.

Expert hands play a significant role in this stage to secure every corner properly without inflicting unnecessary damage or holes in your brand-new metal roof. Once all panels are fastened, we put in trimmings along with flashings at several junctions on the roof to boost its ability to repel water even more.

Lastly, our team carries out thorough quality checks immediately addressing any problems for impeccable installation results. When it comes to metal roofing, Somersby metal roofers is all you need. We guarantee a great service that satisfies your metal roofing needs.

New metal roof installation

If you’re considering a fresh metal roof fit-out, our capable crew stands at the ready! We only utilise top-tier materials for ensuring both your dwelling’s safeguarding and visual appeal.

Concentrating on accuracy and meticulousness, we guarantee every individual panel is fitted correctly.

The procedure commences with stripping away all previous roofing components to avoid decay or rust beneath your new metal roof. Our tradesmen then put in place a water and ice barrier prior to efficiently installing the panels.

We offer swift service without cutting corners on safety or quality of workmanship, going above and beyond to abide by local construction regulations in Somersby, Central Coast New South Wales.

Roof replacement

Our crew of accomplished metal roofing specialists offers top-tier roof replacement services to homeowners all over the Central Coast NSW. We recognise that a robust, dependable roof is vital for your home’s protection and lifespan.

Our focus goes beyond swapping out your old or damaged roofs; we aspire to equip you with a sturdy, attractive metal roof that boosts your property’s worth. Leveraging our extensive expertise in metal roofing services and sharp eye for detail, every project is handled with maximum precision ensuring smooth installation and minimum disruption.

From taking away old materials to setting up new resilient metal roofing systems equipped with gutters or downpipes as needed – we’ve got it covered! Opt for us for equitable pricing and superior results in every task we take on. In metal roofing Somersby we guarantee a high standard of service, quality of the work, and great customer experience.

Tile to metal roof replacement

Opting for a metal roof over traditional tile carries numerous benefits. Among these are enhanced toughness, reduced upkeep and superior insulation capabilities. A metal roof isn’t just more resilient to harsh weather conditions, it also outlives ordinary tiled roofs by a mile.

Rely on metal roofing Sydney for safe, sturdy, and affordable roofing. Our team of expert tradespeople specialise in swapping out tile roofs for first-rate metal roofing systems, ensuring your safety and efficiency during the installation process with minimal disturbance to your daily routine.

Let us help you improve your metal roofing. Contact Somersby metal roofing. We provide great services and value for money to our customers. You’ll find it’s a long-term investment you certainly won’t regret!

Gutters, downpipes and fascia installation

Delivering top-notch installation services for gutters, downpipes and fascia is our speciality. Our crew of seasoned professionals guarantees steadfast, tidy and durable installations every time.

The right gutter installation not only protects your home from water damage but also boosts its visual charm. Also, efficiently installed downpipes carry rainwater away from the base of your house to prevent potential structural harm.

Meanwhile, superior-quality fascia gives a neat finish to your roof while providing a solid foundation for the gutter system. We manage everything from selection to installation so that you can enjoy hassle-free home protection against varying weather conditions in Somersby Central Coast New South Wales.

Roof inspections and assessments

Our squad masters the art of roof inspections and evaluations, paramount for both domestic and commercial structures. Utilising our high-grade equipment and extensive know-how in roofing installation, we meticulously check your metal tops for any indications of wear or regions needing instant attention.

We advocate preventative upkeep to extend your roof’s lifespan. Our thorough evaluations guarantee early identification of dilemmas such as leaks, absent shingles or tiles, rust spots on metallic roofs among others.

This forward-thinking strategy spares you from pricy repairs and replacement down the track.

Why Choose Metal Roofers Somersby (Central Coast – New South Wales)

Choose us because we have the experience and expertise in metal roofing, use quality materials and provide timely and efficient service at competitive prices.

Experience and expertise in metal roofing

For more than ten years, we’ve been perfecting our craft in the specialised area of metal roofing. Our squad is chock-a-block with top-notch professionals who are as passionate about this trade as they come.

This wealth of expertise lets us take on any type of metal roofing gig without batting an eye—be it a fresh install, mending jobs or sprucing up your gutter system. For us, it’s all about nailing every detail; making sure each seal is spot-on, aligning every sheet just right, and ensuring your roof copes brilliantly against the harsh Aussie weather conditions year after year.

Quality materials and workmanship

At Exclusive Metal Roofing, our team of skilled metal roofers in Somersby, Central Coast New South Wales, is committed to delivering top-quality materials and craftsmanship for all your roofing needs.

We understand the significance of using superior materials and ensuring flawless workmanship to achieve long-lasting results. Whether you need a new metal roof installation or a roof replacement project, we assure you that every step of the construction process will be executed with precision and attention to detail.

Your satisfaction is our utmost priority, which is why we go above and beyond by using only the finest materials available while maintaining high standards of workmanship. Trust us to provide you with exceptional quality that stands strong over time.

Timely and efficient service

At Exclusive Metal Roofing, we take pride in providing a prompt and efficient service to our valued customers. We understand that time is crucial when it comes to roofing projects.

That’s why our skilled professionals work diligently to ensure that your metal roof installation or replacement is completed promptly and without any unnecessary delays. From the moment you contact us, we aim to provide you with a seamless experience from start to finish.

Our goal is to efficiently complete the job while maintaining the highest standard of craftsmanship. You can trust that your project will be handled with precision and delivered on time.

Competitive pricing

We provide metal roofing services at competitive prices. Our aim is to offer top-notch workmanship at affordable rates, guaranteeing the best value for your money. Whether you require a new metal roof installation, roof replacement, or gutter and fascia installation, we will tailor a fair and competitive price that aligns with your budget.

Trust us to deliver outstanding results without straining your finances.

Customer satisfaction guarantee

We are committed to ensuring your satisfaction with our services. Our team at Exclusive Metal Roofing goes above and beyond to deliver exceptional results that meet your expectations.

From the quality of materials used to the workmanship in every project, we strive for excellence. We aim to provide timely and efficient service, ensuring that you receive great value for your investment.

You can trust metal roofers Central Coast to complete your roofing project with professionalism and attention to detail, giving you peace of mind knowing that we stand behind our work.

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