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Exclusive Metal Roofing & Construction Pty Ltd. caters to the residents of Greenwich, NSW, through their roof, construction, and renovation services. We’ve operated in the roofing industry for many years now. Our roofing company has done, and continues to do, exceptional roofing work for many people. All our roofing work is centred on your desired outcomes, and we provide high-quality and cost-effective service for all your metal roof installation needs.

Greenwich residents choosing Exclusive Metal Roofing as their contractor for their roof needs make a wise choice. A metal roof is proven to last longer and withstand more breakages than traditional roofing materials, such as slate or tile. By choosing a metal roof, Greenwich residents will find increased performance and durability, giving them a reliable and strong roofing surface that can withstand extreme weather conditions.

Our Services:

Metal Roofing

Our team of professional roof experts serving Greenwich, NSW, provides the best roof designs, roof constructions, roof repairs, and roof installations for protecting Greenwich residences and businesses.

Metal Cladding

Residents can count on Exclusive Metal Roofing’s metal cladding services in Greenwich, NSW, to give your building a new look. We have much experience and expertise in this field.

Fascia, Guttering & Downpipes

Guttering, downpipes, and fascia are essential elements of the roof, and they should be installed properly to ensure your roof operates at premium quality. Exclusive Metal Roofing provide the residents of Greenwich with top-notch guttering services.

Renovations & Re-roofing

Renovations and re-roofing services from Exclusive Metal Roofing provide Greenwich residents the opportunity to enhance the value and prestige of their property. In addition, re-roofing your building extends your roof’s life and protects it from harmful external elements. We guarantee efficient and professional service with our professional, fully qualified and friendly roofers.

Roof Repairs

When you choose Exclusive Metal Roofing to handle your roof repairs in Greenwich, you will be able to avoid further damage and more expensive roof repairs. It’s essential to keep your roof in good condition to avoid unnecessary repair work. Our skilled roofers provide professional and guaranteed roofing services when needed.

Skylight Installations

A skylight installation can improve the look and value of your home. Exclusive Metal Roofing in Greenwich provides skylight installation services that are the best in the business. We provide our customers with quality, fast and professional service. Our roofers are all accredited and highly experienced in installing skylights. We guarantee the best results.

Emergency Callouts

We offer emergency services for any roof problems you may experience. Storm damage or leaking roofs will be resolved quickly by our roofing team. You can expect the ultimate assistance from our team of roofers whilst avoiding stress and worry. Looking for a roofer near you? Call metal roofers Sydney today to experience our licensed and qualified roofer’s skills.

Exclusive Metal Roofing And Construction Specialise In All Aspects Of Metal Roofing.

1. Metal Roofing – A metal roof is a roof made of generally steel or aluminium. Colorbond metal roofs are widely used in residences throughout the Lower North Shore, adding a wonderful charm and street appeal to people’s homes. Exclusive Metal Roofing install new Colorbond metal roofs on homes week in, week out. Metal roofing is our passion!

2. Flat Roof – A flat roof is most common on apartment buildings. It is known for its low cost and ease of installation, making it ideal for commercial roofing. Our roofing team can also install flat roofs on high-rise buildings.

3. Tiled Roof – Exclusive Metal Roofing remove old tile roofs and replace them with a new Colorbond metal roof.  For our customers’ complete satisfaction, we use only the highest quality Colorbond roofing materials. Our clients and their neighbours often stand in jaw dropping amazement when they see the finished roof replacement for the first time. It’s not unusual for neighbours to want a free, no-obligation measure and quote from us after seeing their neighbours roof transformation.

4. Guttering And Downpipes – The guttering and downpipes of your home are essential elements of your roofs health. They protect your roof from water damage by directing it safely towards the ground. Our guttering and downpipe installation service ensures that roofs are protected from water build up. Consider having our team install leaf guard to your guttering system to ensure your gutters stay clear of leaves, allowing for correct drainage.

The Importance Of Your Roof

A good roof is often overlooked in today’s modern world; only thought of when it leaks, when the ceiling collapses, or whenever an area of the roof needs replacing because of wear and tear. Your roof does more than just protect your home. With many styles and colours to choose from, it is easy to personalise your home with a new Colorbond metal roof.

Exclusive Metal Roofing & Construction Pty Ltd work with Greenwich residents to help them find the perfect metal roofing solution for their home. We specialise in Colorbond metal roofing projects and help you choose which options will be best for your home. We ensure that you are working with an industry professional due to our experience in the metal roofing industry. Step-by-step, we can show you how to prepare your home for a new roof.

In Lower North Shore roof contractors, we have the skills and experience that you need when it comes to designing and constructing your roof. It is important to us that you find a solution for your home that will last a lifetime. As a result, we assure Greenwich residents that we will provide you with the best roofing solution. Part of our mission is to professionally assist and direct our clients regarding their metal roofing needs.

Metal Roofing – Advantages

1. Heavy – A metal roof is generally heavy and well made. Additionally, it is very durable, making it an excellent choice for commercial buildings and homes alike.

2. Long Lasting – Metal roofing materials are very durable and long-lasting, which makes them an excellent choice for you if you’re looking for something that will last a long time. In particular, metal roofing products, such as Colorbond, have become trusted Australian brands, that can withstand the harsh Australian weather conditions and soaring temperatures.

3. Fire Resistant – Metal roofs are fire resistant, capable of withstanding fire for a long time. The materials used to construct a metal roof are usually fire-resistant or have fireproof qualities.

4. Weather Resistant – Metal roofs can withstand severe weather conditions such as high winds, heavy snow loads, and severe rain and hail storms that often result in roof leaks.

5. Low Maintenance – A metal roof doesn’t need to be maintained once installed. You will have to clean the gutters, removing moss and leaves every so often if you do not have gutter guard installed.

6. Very Aesthetic – Metal roofs look extremely attractive, adding a wonderful country charm to many a home. Colorbond metal roofs provide a strong street appeal, and with a wide range of colour choices available, home owners can’t go wrong with complementing their roof colour to their house colour.

7. Strong – Metal roofs can withstand high winds and heavy snow loads. They are also not prone to leaks, making them a good choice for homes in places with harsh weather conditions.

8. Durable – Metal roofs are very durable and can last for several years without roof repairs or roof replacements. Since metal roofs are made out of metal, they tend to last much longer than other types of roofs, such as tiled roofs.

9. Versatile – Metal roofing materials come in a great variety of styles and colours, meaning that you have a lot of selection when it comes to choosing one for your home.

Want To Hire An Affordable & Reliable Metal Roofing Contractor In Greenwich?

Exclusive Metal Roofing & Construction provide the residents of Greenwich, NSW, with reliable and professional metal roofing solutions. The highest quality metal roofing service is what we strive to provide for our clients on time, every time.

All roofing work implemented meets all industry standard requirements. Exclusive Metal Roofing & Construction are also proud members of leading associations in our industry, such as the Master Builders Association, and the Metal Roofing and Cladding Association of Australia. We have years of experience in the roofing industry. All of our roofers are equipped with the resources and equipment needed for a job well done.

Why Choose Us

1. Expertise – Exclusive Metal Roofing have been working in the roofing industry for many years. Our name has established a good reputation throughout the community. It is our pleasure is to provide the highest quality roofing work and successfully complete roofing jobs with extremely high success rates.

2. Customer Satisfaction – Our roofers are always committed to providing the highest customer satisfaction. If you choose to work with us, we will work hard for you to provide a rewarding experience with us and our roofing services in Greenwich.

3. Customer Service – Providing the most excellent customer service and treating our clients honestly and with respect is our primary goal – we always do our best to achieve this. We stand behind our products and always ensure 100% customer satisfaction.

4. Based On Your Desired Outcomes – The team at Exclusive Metal Roofing will work closely with you, ensuring that you are more than happy with the work that we do for you. That’s what makes us stand out from the rest.

5. Professionalism – We are a company that is dedicated to completing our of our jobs on time. All of our professional roofing services are done by the book, ensuring that all of our roofing work meets the highest industry code standards. Our willingness to provide the best quality workmanship is essential – we strive to deliver our customers affordable and the highest quality metal roof installations.

6. Competitive Price – We always offer competitive prices. It’s our goal to always provide the highest quality services to our clients at the best possible prices.

7. Safety – We are a company dedicated to ensuring that our customers and their families are safe at all times. When working on any worksite, we always have safety in mind, working out any project risks. As professionals, we ensure that all team members are constantly aware of any potential workplace hazards.

8. Dependable – We are a roofing company that is dedicated to providing quality metal roof services to all our customers. We work with the highest quality materials we can find, all of which are environmentally friendly, as we believe that this is important.

Other Services Offered In Greenwich

Greenwich Emergency Roof Repairs

We provide emergency metal roofing services for your home or office. Our roofers work hard to ensure that we resolve your roofing problems in a timely manner.

Roof Repair In Greenwich

Our roof repair services throughout Greenwich include all roof repairs, missing or damaged tiles, flashings, and skylights. We will also complete your roofing system and give you honest and accurate bids for the job.

Roof Replacement In Greenwich

Our roof replacement services include the removal of old tile or metal roofs, and replace them with a new Colorbond metal roof.

Roof maintenance In Greenwich

We provide roof maintenance services such as gutter cleaning, roof inspections and written reports.

Roof leak detection

Our roofers will find any leaks on your roof, no matter how small or hard to find. We will repair them to ensure that you are safe and protected in your home or business. Our aim is to provide you with a great experience with us and our roofing services.

Residential Roof Repairs Services

We offer thorough roof repair services and solutions designed to protect you from the elements. We use only the highest quality materials in all of our roof repair work.

Commercial Roof Repairs Services

Exclusive Metal Roofing offer high-quality roofing services designed to protect business owners in Greenwich. We can fix any roof problems you are experiencing with your roof system. We will also do an on-site inspection to ensure that you get the best services for your money.


We provide maintenance and repairs for your roof eaves. We will inspect your eaves to ensure that the problem is fixed and the roof is in good working condition.

Stellar Roof Repairs

We offer roof repairs and roof replacement services for Greenwich’s residential and commercial properties. We aim to fix your roof and get you back to living in a safe and secure home. As a long-time local business, we have a warm and friendly team of roofers. We are proud of our reputation for quality roof repairs and roof replacement services.

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Call our friendly roofers today for a free, no-obligation roof consultation, measure and quote! Exclusive Metal Roofing are here for all your metal roofing needs.

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