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A harbourside suburb of Sydney on the Lower North Shore, Wollstonecraft is located 4 kilometres north of the Sydney CBD, and falls under the local government area of the North Sydney Council. The suburb is named after Edward Wollstonecraft, the first settler who received a land grant for 500 acres.

Do you know what type of roof to pick for your home? What about a reliable local firm that can install it? You’ve come to the right place! Exclusive Metal Roofing (EMR) are a professional roofing company committed to providing Wollstonecraft residents with the best roofing services. Our exceptional roofing business has been serving the local Wollstonecraft region for many years.

Exclusive Metal Roofing are a fully licensed, insured with certified metal roofers in Wollstonecraft, giving fresh and innovative roofing ideas for any budget. We offer extensive customer support that you’ll be sure to appreciate.

Exclusive Metal Roofing – The Right Solution for Your Wollstonecraft Home

Exclusive Metal Roofing use only the best roofing materials and procedures to ensure the quality of our finished work is always first class. The satisfaction of our Wollstonecraft clients is our top priority.

Colorbond Metal Roof Installation/Replacement

Exclusive Metal Roofing thrive on the installation of new Colorbond roofs. This is our main core business. The Colorbond metal roofs we install on homes throughout Wollstonecraft and its surrounding areas have proven strong, eye catching and reliable. Why not ask one of our previous valued clients about our work? Our team of roofers have installed new Colorbond metal roofs for many satisfied customers. The feedback is always positive! Good word of mouth is very important to us.

Metal Roof Maintenance

From our wide range of roofing services, we can restore your Wollstonecraft roof’s original features. Some of the things we do are fixing rusted roof flashings, replace missing roof shingles, and much more. Looking for a roofer near you? Call Sydney metal roofers today to experience our licensed and qualified roofer’s skills.

Roof Inspections and Repairs

We know your Wollstonecraft roof is a very important investment. Exclusive Metal Roofing offer a comprehensive and informative roof inspection service that can help source the cause of any roofing problems that may arise. We also help with thorough roof repairs and roof replacements.

Colorbond Metal Roofing

Our Wollstonecraft team of roofers have been fitting Colorbond roofing for years. We can help you pick the right Colorbond roof for your home. We’ll work with you to suggest the best colour options for your Wollstonecraft home to bring the most outstanding results.

Guttering, Fascia, & Downpipes

Exclusive Metal Roofing are a top roofing business. This means we do more than just install metal roofs! We also offer complete gutter, fascia and downpipes installation and replacement services. Our team can also install leaf guard while we are on the job.

Emergency Callouts

You’ll want us to help you if there is an issue with your roof in Wollstonecraft. We do roof repairs for emergency callouts and provide free quotes for this service. We also offer a comprehensive roofing maintenance service that can help maintain your roof at any of its life stages.

Colorbond Roof

Colorbond roofing is amongst the most popular roofing solutions here in Australia. Australian made for Australian conditions, it’s no wonder why Colorbond is THE trusted roofing product for Australians. Colorbond metal roofs are preferred for a variety of reasons.

Industrial Facilities

Many industrial facilities use Colorbond roofs. Colorbond roofing has been tested and proven to have a solid life expectancy of 25 to 30 years. Exclusive Metal Roofing are experienced at installing Colorbond metal roofs on industrial properties. Call today to enquire more about this service.

Residential Homes

Due to Colorbond’s high durability and weather resistance, many Wollstonecraft residents have chosen Colorbond roofs to grace their homes. Colorbond is available in a wide selection of fantastic colours, that can be mixed and matched to bring outstanding street appeal and jaw dropping results. Our expert roofers at Exclusive Metal Roofing, can assist and guide you in your colour choice, then professionally install a new Colorbond metal roof on your Wollstonecraft home. The results will amaze you, and your neighbours!

Office Buildings/Commercial Buildings

Exclusive Metal Roofing install Colorbond metal roofs on office and commercial buildings. Our craft and workmanship is not limited to residential homes. Being UV-treated, this avoids the risk of sun damage overtime and keeps your office/commercial roof looking great for years to come. For experienced roofing help for your Wollstonecraft office or commercial building, don’t delay in contacting us today.

Schools/Child-Care Centres

Exclusive Metal Roofing have done much re-roofing work for state schools, and new childcare centre builds. Replacing and/or installing new Colorbond metal roofs for schools and childcare centres is all in our scope of works. Don’t hesitate to call today to talk further about engaging our roofing services in these matters.

Other Situations

There are many amazing benefits of installing new Colorbond metal roofs. Colorbond is powder coated using a durable epoxy resin and resistant to the following:

  1. Uneven thermal expansion of the metal sheet under intense sunlight (UV radiation).
  2. Cold night temperatures, which are common in Wollstonecraft during winter.
  3. Salt penetration from seawater. This can be an issue for roofs made of zinc or galvanised steel.
  4. Extreme heat caused by intense solar radiation.

Exclusive Metal Roofing are absolute professionals when it comes to installing and repairing Colorbond Roofing throughout Wollstonecraft. We have years of experience working with this quality material. We confidently assure Wollstonecraft residents that your Colorbond roofing will be installed correctly, to the minutest detail, by our qualified team of roofers, and will look amazing, and last for many years to come.

Wollstonecraft Metal Roof – Why Choose Exclusive Metal Roofing?

Exclusive Metal Roofing are a favoured commercial and residential roofer throughout Wollstonecraft. Here’s why:

Our Passion is Roofing

Our roofers know how important the roof is to the overall look of your house. Nothing turns heads faster than beautiful, refined, charming roofs. Our exceptional roofers are fully trained and skilled with Colorbond Roofing. At Exclusive Metal Roofing – roofing really is our passion.


We are committed to providing safe working surroundings. All our professional roofers work with safety gear, including:

  • Scaffolding
  • Harnesses

We Care About the Environment

Colorbond roofing is amongst the most environmentally friendly roofing options available. Colorbond is manufactured from recycled materials. The recycling process is done with little to no harm on the surroundings.

Continuously Improving our Processes and Technology – Keeping us Moving Forward

Exclusive Metal Roofing continuously break down our work processes and review to find ways to keep improving on our craft. We stay up to date with current changes in the roofing industry – therefore our roofing work is always cutting edge. We are proud that we make things better every day, which is why we’re one of the best metal roofing services  to be found in Wollstonecraft.

We Respect Your Property

When you choose to make a home improvement, it’s because you want something special. It’s very important to us that our roofing work goes above and beyond your expectations. Whilst maintaining the integrity of your Wollstonecraft home, we know the aesthetic look is crucial to the end result. Our roofers always treat each individual clients home with care and respect. Replacing your roof is not a quick and easy job, but Lower North Shore roof contractors can help you with expertise in metal roofing.

Customer Support

As a leading roofing company in Wollstonecraft, Exclusive Metal Roofing are committed to providing fabulous customer support and a reliable, dependable service during your roofing project. We know that our success depends on happy clients.

We Use Only the Best Materials

Exclusive Metal Roofing takes pride in using only the best roofing materials available in all our roofing work – including Colorbond, which is light, strong, and virtually maintenance-free.

We also serve the following suburbs near and around Wollstonecraft:

  • St Leonards
  • Crows Nest
  • Greenwich
  • North Sydney
  • Waverton

We offer a free, no-obligation roof consultation, measure and quote for all our roofing work and services. Exclusive Metal Roofing can be reached via phone and online. Additionally, EMR welcomes both home and business roofing enquires in Wollstonecraft. We offer roof services for roof pitches of all sizes. Our friendly team are ready to help you, so call us now! Exclusive Metal Roofing are here to assist Wollstonecraft residents with any roofing query they may have.

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